Miss Grand International 2020

Its been awhile I write my blog and the last time I wrote was about pageant particularly Miss Universe.

But this time around, post pandemic of the covid-19, I see pageantry seem got new light after the Miss Grand International put their bravely step on organising the first ever pageant (grand slam) physically.

This year, Malaysia representative, Jasebel Robert seen to be capable to handle the task even she just had 1 month before flying off to Bangkok. As we knew the result, for the first time in our grand slam pageant history, we brought back top 8 placement in the competition, plus most voted award and top 10 national costume. What a limelight in our pageantry this year. I wish we could do more next time especially end of this year since the organiser already announced that the 2021 edition will held somewhere around December. Hope the ND will pick the representative earlier so that our girl ready for the competition.

Back to Miss Grand International this year. I watched it on YT and expecting the right girl to be crowned and put myself as a jury (hehe) without considering those sash thingy, placement history or even hot picks form most pages (i think thats just propaganda).

What attracted me the most during final was the top three (clearly they eliminate the visible weakness among top 5). They gave the top 3 additional question which I could say by far, you know the answer already. It just matter you want to elaborate it on reasoning. The advantages might be the one who would be called first and in this case, lucky for Miss Grand USA.

Ïf there is only one dose of Covid-19 vaccine left, you have to choose, who do you give it to, either 15 years old or 70 years old senior citizen? and why?

So when Miss Grand USA chose to answer to give the last dose of Covid-19 to the 15 years old teenage (but she said 16 years old instead), I think as a jury, I left the evaluation to see how smart the rest of contestant which Is Philippines and Guatemala. Which side they want to choose and if same with Miss USA, what is the difference she want to highlight.

Based on the answer, I would give the golden crown to The Philippines’ Samantha Bernardo. The reason being, she is risk taker. She is different among others. She can convince that beside all common thought, we could see other side of opinion which might be right/true. While seeing Miss Guatemala pick the same side with Miss grand USA, she struggling to make her point different form Miss grand USA. We can clearly see it.

Anyway, congratulation to Abena Appiah, Miss Grand United State Of America. Another year for the Americana. Good luck and all the best. As for Malaysia, this edition’s achievement might be our first step to be recon. Lots more to be done but for sure we have the brighter day.

ps: How I wish Jasebel could answer the top three question, she sure can nail it.

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